May 20 2014

Sarah Palin Waterboarding Joe Carter

Okay . . . so I’ve been a touch busy. My company closed operations. They paid me pretty good to be the very last one out the door, so now I’m retooling my skill set. I have a major certification exam coming, so I’ve been buried in textbooks and class work dealing with net present …

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Feb 08 2014

America, the Godless . . .

***  UPDATE  *** Marc Bennetts from the Washington Times contacted me to verify the quotes in his article. He provided the source quotes for his article so it confirms that Putin does believe America is Godless. See his full email at the end of this article. *** UPDATE ***       Thus is the …

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Jan 13 2014

Discernment Blog

Recently someone called Spiritual Tyranny a “discernment blog.” This surprised me because my blog has nothing to do with “discernment,” and I thought this was self-evident. And then I realized it probably isn’t. I write about the tyranny and despotism within contemporary Christianity, and the current mad dash into Calvinism dominating the religious landscape. And …

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Jan 03 2014

Al Mohler and the Irony of a Neo-Calvinist

Nelson Mandela died recently. It is inconceivable that people haven’t heard that Nelson Mandela passed away because if you are alive and in the United States, it should be almost impossible to miss the lovefest pouring out from the American media for the one-time president of South Africa. Of course, whenever the American media starts …

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Jan 02 2014

Truth About New Calvinism 2013 Conference Session 3


I’ve been pretty slow to get this one up. This is the summation session where I tied all the fundamental elements of tyranny together.   Also while you listen to this session hold the previous two articles in your mind. I suspect you will see how they fit into the elements of tyranny. Click Here for Video   …

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