Sep 05 2015

Prodigal Son . . . the Saddest Story in the Gospels

I wrote this article . . . oh . . . maybe fifteen years ago. It has set on my hard drive ever since. I’ve let maybe a dozen people read it to mixed reviews. I recently offered this to another reader, and he insisted that I should publish it. He made a good point …

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Jul 22 2015

TANC Homework #4 John Macarthur T4G2008 SESSION3

As I have said in previous TANC homework assignments the challenge I have is directly tied to what and how much too present. This is particularly true when discussing specific ideas advanced by specific people. I try to avoid taking people out of context but establishing context in the conference is very time consuming and …

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Jul 12 2015

TANC 2015 Homework #3

TANC 2015 Homework   This is an advanced question that hasn’t been fully covered in class.  I have however made mention of this in some comments here and on Paul’s Passing Thoughts, my book Blight in the Vineyard and my readers are smart. So I’m confident you can answer the following.  If nothing else this …

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Jul 03 2015

TANC Homework 2015 #2 Lucian’s Zeus Catechized

Dear Reader, If you don’t know it yet, TANC 2015 is at hand. ( a little biblical language for you Calvinist Aficionados) I am assigning homework for the attendees. Answer the following questions. They should be pretty easy. Questions: 1. Zeus references the Sophists. Who were the Sophists?  (Hint: watch my 2013 lectures) 2. Is Cyniscus …

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Jun 30 2015

TANC 2015 Homework

Dear readers, the time for TANC 2015 is fast approaching.  I’m in the middle stages of prep, trying to figure out what to present and what to omit. This happens to be my greatest challenge because there is so much to cover and so little time: so many ideas and concept to introduce to people who will …

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