Apr 17 2010

Zen of War

By John Immel

Men of DIFFERENT Principles cannot sustain fellowship because the one who is more intentionally (or unintentionally) evil, wins.

In war between men with the SAME Principles, the one who most zealously pursues his ideological outcomes wins.

Moral Autocracy is the absolution for the zealot’s evil outcomes: compulsion, pillaging, slavery.

Moral Clarity is the internal aid for individual action: truth, responsibility, liberty.

Humanity is governed by Force — Violence or Ideas.

The Zealot is advantaged by an irrational battle of hidden, obscure principles.

The Individual is advantaged by a rational battle of open, clear principles.

Find the zealot enforcing mindless darkness and know the evil.

Find the individual defending reality’s rational light and know the good.

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    1. 6
      John Immel

      Similar to Quigley but not really the same… I don’t believe in conspiracies… but rather philosophical consensus.  No need to pull secret levers in some dark room when people can be compelled towards social ends by just giving them ideas that drive forward a specific morality. 

    2. 7

      Yet there are people who say they do sit in those dark rooms, plotting how they might compel people with ideas. I don’t consider “conspiracy” a dirty word but the name of a real phenomenon among the hidden elite, the puppeteers. I’ve seen too many of their documents to deny this.

    3. 8
      John Immel

      Conspiracy not a bad thing?  Unless I misunderstand the definition, it is an evil or unlawful effort on the part of two or more people.  Maybe in the broadest sense it could be the concurrent action of multiple people to achieve an outcome, but then we’re talking about teamwork.

      People acting together to achieve an outcome of mutual value is a part of human existence, and of course, undeniable.  I’m not saying I don’t believe in conspiracies like I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny.  Of course, people act together to achieve outcomes that are important to them. But the driving force of importance is not the ‘conspiracy.’

      Maybe my point is better made by saying, I don’t believe in the power of conspiracy to shape culture or be the primary moving force of human minds.

      This is why I said:  “The Zealot is advantaged by an irrational battle of hidden, obscure principles.”The ‘conspiracy” is in hiding the principle end.

      Propaganda only works in as much as people are limited in their factual knowledge.  But the biggest restraint to human action is his moral sense or conscience. The more precisely defined the collective values, the stronger the restraint imposed in and on people’s lives.

      This is why I said:  “Moral Clarity is the internal aid for individual action: truth, responsibility, liberty.”

      For example: 
      Most people would not DREAM of going door to door with a gun in their hand to demand that their neighbors pay for their health care, but will not blink at the notion that if a bunch of men and women in Washington doing the same thing—for the Greater Good.   The fulcrum of the ‘conspiracy’ is persuading people that the moral starting place is the “Greater Good.”

      People have been persuaded that the higher ethical standard is government action in behalf of the “greater good,” even if that action is really nothing more than armed robbery. 

      Individual with a gun: “give me money for my health care.” Sinner!

      Government with a gun: “Give me money for someone else’s health care.” Saint!

      The use of force is executed to the same end: looting resources. The difference is the moral assumption.  It has become moral to loot money by government proxy because people have been taught a specific set of assumptions that leads them to accept the moral standard.

    4. 9

      “Conspiracy not a bad thing?”

      “Conspiracy not a bad thing?”
      Woah, woah, woah… I said it’s “not a dirty word but the name of a real phenomenon”. Conspiracies are very bad, but real. I had the impression you didn’t believe in them, meaning you didn’t think they’re real. But now you have clarified, thanks.
      Yet I still see much evidence, from their own quotes, that they do deliberately shape opinion and apply pressure through control of international finance and other nefarious means. They shape culture through subversion, first of all by placing their people in institutions of higher learning. People are easily swayed and herded by those zealots you mentioned, and it is very well-planned over long periods of time. The globalists are patient to a fault and supremely dedicated to their ends. To be sure, there are irrational zealots, but there are very rational and calculating ones as well, driving the bus.
      I agree with your basic point, but disagree that nobody is steering the crowd, that’s all. :-)

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