Jan 02 2014

Truth About New Calvinism 2013 Conference Session 3

I’ve been pretty slow to get this one up. This is the summation session where I tied all the fundamental elements of tyranny together.


Also while you listen to this session hold the previous two articles in your mind. I suspect you will see how they fit into the elements of tyranny.

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    1. 1
      Gary K Slabaugh

      Watching the video reminded me of a condemnation of the united States constitutional authority. Government = force. The People = a collective. Promoting the General Welfare = advocating for the common good.
      How is man a social creature after the image of God (behold, man has become like one of US)? and an individual agent entering into contracts for the exchange of VALUE? and to be understood scientifically (a product of natural history – evolution, ecology, ethology)? are my questions. And I trust in logic, the scientific method, common sense, analogy, the pursuit of truth to guide me toward answers. Not religion. If God is real, I trust God to reward those who seek with all courage (for want of a better word) to uncover one’s own unique gifts, love (empathy and compassion), joy, goodness, justice, sense of the numinous (transcendent, sacred, holy).
      Having little faith in Western Enlightenment philosophy, metaphysically and epistemologically my preferences are extreme negative empirical skepticism and questioning the central error of Christianity – viz that human beings are radically different from other complex animals in terms of conceptualizing consciousness, selfhood and free will.
      Perhaps our ability to enter into the social contract and our development of cognitive tools to enforce our contractual obligations is uniquely human. But I doubt it.
      Take care.

    2. 2
      John Immel

      Hey Gary,

      I’m not sure I understood you comment. I read the list of questions but couldn’t figure out the context.


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