Jun 15 2008

So You Want to Tell People the Truth

A boy sought advice on how to show people the truth. He heard of a great man living atop a mountain. He walked many miles, slowly ascending the mountain, all the while thinking of all the truths he would show people when he learned the secret.

He found the man sitting cross-legged in his house, eating a Big Mac. The boy sought to introduce himself, but the words failed him.

“I know who you are. You are a fool,” the old man said and  took a bite of his Big Mac and said, “You came here because you want to become a great speaker of truth. Of course ,I can show you how. I can explain what binds foolishness to men’s souls. I can show you how to reduce all arguments to dust and ashes. I can show you how to make men clamor at your every breath.”

He took another bite of his Big Mac and then a drink of his Coke. “But I discern doubt in you. You fear that you cannot do all that I have said. Indeed, I can tell you are not sure of your course.” The old man regarded the boy as he finished his Golden French Fries. “This must not be. Doubt leads to indecision. Indecision leads to….”

After a long moment the boy said: “Indecision leads to where?”

“Exactly,” said the old man. He finished the last two bites of his Big Mac and licked the special sauce from his fingers. He rose, drew a sword that glinted in the fading evening light, and walked toward a large old tree; with a determined blow, he felled the tree and then turned on the boy raising his sword above his head.

“The choice is simple. If you show people the truth, I will cut your head off. If you do not show people the truth, I will cut your head off. So, will you show people the truth?”

“Can I ask one question before you kill me?” The boy said.

The old man took a sip of his Coke and then resumed his stance, ready to strike a blow. “Of course.”

“You were eating a Big Mac.”

“Yes, I was eating two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun. Some Golden French Fries and a refreshing Coke A Cola.”

“Why were you eating that?”

“Because I’ve heard the McDonald’s commercial every day for the last 50 years, how could I not want one?”

“Because they told you to want one every day you decided to eat one?”

He dropped his sword and smiled. “Now you see what it takes to tell people the truth. You are now ready to tell the whole world.”

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    1. 6
      John Immel

      Concerned said: “Even the Reformed spoke out against tradition…but I always hear it argued that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and that we learn from history, etc. etc.”

      Actually, it is even worse than the Reformers speaking out against tradition. That WAS the debate.

      Luther developed what became the doctrine of the Reformation in debates over time. His original Disputes against the Efficacy of Indulgences argued directly that Tradition was an erroneous standard of spiritual judgment. I find it hysterical when I hear Reformed types hailing Orthodoxy (which is the tradition of Reformation Theology) as a validation of their TRUTH. I’m thinking the Catholic Scholastics are getting quite a chuckle, or pulling their hair out at the hypocrisy of it all.

    2. 7
      John Immel

      “While the structure of the Church was changing, the teachings of the Church were evolving, too. Medieval scholars studied in great detail the writings of the Church fathers, and then wrote their own books. The more they discussed these teachings, the more complex these teachings became.”

      This is more true than anyone really wants to believe–that Bible ideas, Bible doctrines are progressions of ideas. Most people find that a very disturbing thought.

    3. 8
      John Immel

      Concerned said: “My desire is to simply read the Word of God with the Holy Spirit as my teacher, under the assumption that my Creator did intend for me to know the truth, whatever that is. And that certainly my desire to know and my effort to stick with His Words will be helpful in this pursuit. I can’t read men’s books anymore until I have a grasp of the basics again. I’ve gotten too messed up in SGM and don’t know what I think anymore and refuse to hear anything “new.” (for the time being)”

      Of course, you can read God’s Word and understand it. Ask for wisdom and understanding.
      The Spirit was given for the express purpose of Leading and Guiding people into all truth—NOT a select group of men!

      This is another issue that I am stunned SGM gets an intellectual pass on. The notion that a select group of men have a special dispensation to filter truth and spoon-feed it to others? WHO is kidding WHOM?

      Anyway… I offer this thought. Read the Red and pray for power (assuming you have a red letter edition Bible). Keep reading the Gospels until you can see Jesus doing what he did. The simplicity of the Gospel you long for is in his relentless action captured for us in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

    4. 9

      Hi John,

      I have to disagree with you on the red letter part. Jesus was speaking to the Jews who were still under the law. The new covenant was not inaugerated until after His death and ressurection. The apostle Paul is the one who gets caught up to the 3rd heaven and gets the glorious revelation of salvation by grace, and the specific details of the new covenant.

      Paul writes every single letter addressed to the NT church, and he is raised up tp be the apostle to the gentiles. Jesus and the 12 ministered mainly and specifically to the Jews. Jesus gives us some glimpses into the coming new covenant, but the full revelation of it comes through Paul, especially in Romans, chapter 5 being the key.

    5. 10

      Dennis..are you a follower of the teachings that say that Paul was a special apostle to the Gentiles so his writings refer more to us, etc..his letters hold special significance. I recently heard of this type of teaching, which now seems to fit into line with what you’ve been saying doctrinally all along that you believe (universalism, no literal hell, etc.) I think I know where you are coming from finally -although I strongly disagree with you (if you indeed hold to the teachings I think you do) but at least I understand your perspective now. Just wanted to clarify this…I don’t know the name of this form of teaching, but I do know it exists. Is it the same as the Berean Bible chures, right?

      sorry to get off topic. I really DO NOT HAVE ANY DESIRE to discuss the specifics of this teaching, just wondering if that was where you were coming from. I don’t even want to go into any of it, I can’t say that enough. I have no desire to learn more aobut it at this time, etc. So please, if you do believe in this, just respond with a yes or no and not get into a long discussion with me, ok? :) I am just trying to clarify for the record is all -in order to give grace :) It makes sense to me now, if this teaching is a foundation for your thinking. (you opposition to the red letter part really gives it away actually)

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