Aug 18 2010

Private Virtue

We have been seduced to believe that righteousness is retreat from the world and that spirituality is weak trembling against action, potential error, and the vague hazy threat of failure.  But far, far worse is the endless campaign, the organized moral assault against success, effectiveness, and ability.  The heavens will pour down wrath, pride goes before a fall, and God will not share his Glory says the Mystic Despots with their vacant portents of disaster if we dare to conceive of a life beyond the mediocre.

This is how the enemy of our souls wins the wars of death and destruction. The advocates of life and prosperity quit the field.  Men retreat from social, religious, and political conflict as if their private virtue is a sufficient protest against vocal, defiant, demanding, insolent evil.  As if standing amidst the fight, raising a voice with passionate dissent, and waging a war of defense is to discredit the substance of virtue, to soil some mythical pristine righteousness. As if unquestionable properness is the only real validation of a man’s life.  But virtue in a vacuum is like the proverbial sound in the forest—irrelevant without a witness.

Character is no private deed, and retreat is nothing more than a man closing his eyes and shutting his mouth to injustice.  The price of ‘purity’ is the very substance of his private virtue.  The self he seeks to keep is the very self that he must subvert.  The contamination he wants to avoid is the very contagion he must inhale. The very unrest he avoids from without is the very conflict that will fester and steal his peace.

Virtues are not estimates to be lofted gently against evil, or withheld from all in the name of grace, or politely swallowed in humble realization that “We are all just sinners.”  Right values, true virtues, are to blaze forth like the morning sun, proclaimed for all to hear, uncompromised and uncompromising.  In a world of morality, nothing but perfection is acceptable.  Virtues are the only reasonable actions of life because all other actions are the beginnings of death.  In a world of death, the word of salvation is life.

So, come into the streets, you men of virtue. Come from the safe place of self-righteous seclusion and blaze forth the power of the virtue in your soul.  Show the world the strength you possess in private and demonstrate the power of holiness, the power to stand in the midst of the degradation and never succumb.  Stand against the evil that seeks to rob the freedoms of men by twisting morality to mean the sacrifice of a person for the benefit of all.

Resist the havoc played on ethics by the twisted call for submission to anyone who claims authority.  Refuse to sanction the labels heaped upon your soul: lawless, selfish, libertine. The goal of evil is to wreck our sense of right and wrong, which corrupts our morality and ethics, and then destroys our politics and governance.

Evil comes disguised as tolerance, social justice, Love, necessity, and single-minded devotion to higher truths.

Tolerance is NOT allowing religions of peace and ideologies of brotherly love to persist in wars of racial extermination and the mass graves of political purging.

The only social justice is the defense of the individual against all encroachments.

Love is not a moral blank check against the endless tide of indulgent actions, blind to the cause and effect of reality or the hardhearted plunder that leads to injustice and servitude.

Necessity has only one true outworking: that man must be free to own his life—its sum and substance.  All other proclamations of “necessity” are a pretense to tyranny.

Higher Truths are used like a weapon and a shield, justifying all manner of despotism in the name of doctrinal purity and absolving all outcomes as the good but failed efforts of noble souls.

The time is now, you men of private virtue, to emerge from your fortress of solitude and demonstrate that you are worthy of the life that bears your name.

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