Oct 05 2009

More Revisiting the Fun

I’m going back through and recording core posts. This, of course, means that in my never-ending pursuit of perfect, I end up re-writing. Which I did with this post Lay Down Your Mind.  RE Read Here. Or Listen to my latest Pod Cast.   (MP3)

Further Comments can be made on the original page.

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      good stuff John…audios sound great and are much easier to digest.

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      Janna Chan

      How Should Christians Worship Together if They Don’t Go to a Formal Church Per Se?

      This is a broad question that could apply to any of John’s posts, so I attached it to a short one. I attend several churches, none of which care if I am a member of multiple churches because they don’t focus on things like that. Formal membership really just gives you the power to vote on Church issues like the annual budget and run for the equivalent of the Church board of directors so I’ve let my membership go in most cases as I prefer to be a free agent and trust the leaders of these Churches to run them well.

      Plus I can do almost anything else without being a member nor has anyone ever pressured me to tithe, although the Church does have pledge cards available and encourages people to pledge a weekly giving amount.  

      However that’s not true of many churches. Some seem to demand totally loyalty to the so-called local church and penalize/shame people who don’t give 10% of their income to the Church.  So people who have bad experiences with church groups often say they don’t want to go to a formal church at all/be a Church member. That’s fine, however the Bible suggests that believers should fellowship together. 

      For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”  Matthew 18:20, NIV

      Do You Have to Meet With Lots of Other Christians Regularly?

      I know a couple that stays home and listens to sermon tapes rather than meeting with other Christians regularly because they can’t find a Church they like in their area.  I’m not saying they’re wrong to do that, as there are two of them present per the literal meaning of the verse above. Yet I can’t help feeling that declining to interact with more Christians isn’t aligned with the spirit of Matthew 18:20.
      What do others think?

       Question 2: 

      Can You Worship Together Online/Long Distance Exclusively?

      The internet has made having online church services possible, and televised Church services have been around for a while. That’s fine. However, I feel very differently being in a church building than I do listening to a sermon online. For one thing there’s more focus on the Holy Spirit when I’m at Church because there are fewer distractions like ringing phones and unfinished work sitting around. 

      Any comments on that idea? 


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      Here is what I posted on my blog a couple of weeks ago under “Church Sucks”.
      Churches are all man made mind controlling cults. They all have THEIR beliefs, THEIR doctrines, THEIR rituals, THEIR statement of faith, THEIR gospel, etc, etc.
      I do not like churches and they do not like me, so I stay home with my family.

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