Jun 20 2008

God Is Sovereign… Sort Of

What I find funny is: for all our collective talk about God being “Sovereign,” men are relentless in looking for a way to “control” how others think and act.

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      Correction bored – not board

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      What we believe is relevant to this life and being set free from the bondages of false teachings like those of SGM for one. Who wants to live their life with cancer just because we are all going to Heaven anyway? All false religion is cancer and bondage to corruption. We have all experienced it to one degree or another. The truth is what sets us free.

    3. 8

      Paul certainly used strong persuasion through the Word of God, it’s obvious this is what God intends for us to do – it’s the balance between grace and faith – God’s grace to draw sinners and the power of His gospel and our faith to respond and believe it.

      I know, the folks at monergism.com would hate me for saying it is more synergistic than they suggest. But I don’t think all the “responsibility” is God’s. Cleary we have some too. Someone once asked “Where does God’s sovereignty end and my responsibility begin?”

      The answer is, God’s sovereignty HAS no beginning or end, but our responsibility certainly has defined limits within the context of His sovereignty. And the lines of our responsibility are the ones that are blurred through our own weak eyes and faith – never His sovereignty.

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