Free Sample of John’s New Book

Here’s one of John’s Favorite Things/Get a Free Sample of John’s Book

Blight in the Vineyard, by John Immel, is available on as a hard copy or kindle version. No kindle? No problem? You have the following two options:


1) Buy a Kindle!



2)  Read a Sample Off a PC or Mobile App E-Reader.  Kindle books can now be read on an iPad by downloading the iPad Kindle App or on a PC/Mac Through Kindle’s new Cloud Reader


  1. Download Kindle’s new Cloud Reader.
  2. Have a sample of Blight in the Vineyard downloaded to your Cloud Reader. 

 Voila! Enjoy!


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    John Immel

    Hey Lin,

    I thought i approved your comment a couple days ago…. but i guess not. Anyway… i posted my thoughts on the lawsuit in a new post.


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