Sovereign Grace Ministries: My Take

Here at Spiritual Tyranny we talk about … spiritual tyrants.  That means we are going to talk about Sovereign Grace Ministries, an international ministry based in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  I know, I haven’t begun to talk about why I think they belong on the tyrants list, but we’ll get to that.Tune in… same bat time, same bat channel.  

I was part of the then PDI/CLC movement for six or seven years.  My time there wasn’t a good experience.  I wrote a book about that experience titled Blight in the Vineyard: Getting Free of the Myths and Tyrannies of Sovereign Grace Ministries.  It will be republished in just a little bit.  (updates to come) 

But, John, don’t all churches have their share of problems?  Don’t all churches have those who don’t fit in? Doesn’t every church have those who ultimately don’t embrace the vision of the leadership and move on?

Hehe… I love this.  This is a fun trivialization. Hang around awhile and see if my commentary sounds at all like a standard church malcontent experience.  And while I’m writing, take a gander at and  Start reading the stories there as background material.  There are a lot of resources on those sites.  I encourage one and all to read and connect with the people who’ve voiced their experiences and objections.

So we’ve got Survivors and Refugees.  I’ve written and talked to a number of the folk on those websites; they are good people. I understand hurt.  I understand confusion.  I understand the pain of having spent time in a Sovereign Grace Church.Those men perpetrate some profound tyranny.

However, my take on the Sovereign Grace Ministries thing is a bit different.  Or better said, my take on how to respond to their methods and practice is different.  I understand what it is to be hurt, exploited, dismissed, reviled and marginalized by SGM leadership.Been there, done that.  But being hurt is not the end.That is the beginning of the path.Getting to a place of spiritual confidence and faith-filled, fruitful Christian intentionality is the goal.Eventually, you will need to be victors.Eventually, you will need to return to, or arrive, at a place of personal, spiritual and intellectual strength.

How does that happen?I can’t begin to predict the exact path for each individual.But this I know: once you put away your fear and start to think they might be wrong (about soooo many things), the process to getting healthy starts.So, if nothing else, watch me poke and prod and be generally ornery with the silliness of SGM.  I’ll help you unravel the logic and the Bible ideas that they use to tyrannize your soul.And most important, I will show you how to laugh at the absurdity of men who have somehow managed to take themselves WAY too seriously.

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