Methods & Mammon is not a ministry, or an extension of a ministry. is the brainchild of John Immel.  I created this space to talk about ideas that lead to spiritual tyranny and indirectly (or directly depending on the nature of the perpetrator) the people who use those ideas to take dominion or manipulate and use others.

To sustain my stated goal, I will offer products that I think help combat spiritual oppression and sooth the battered soul.  I will advocate items that I think are cool, attractive, trivial, fun, or useful.

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I believe that giving is a fundamental spiritual truth that brings liberty.

My preference is that you open yourself to Divine direction; open yourself to the source of the universe and be intentional with your giving.

Far too often people decide to give based on need.  We think the beggar on the street is the better candidate for our philanthropy, but giving to need isn’t necessarily spiritual.

As spiritual people, we assume that someone is directing us in context to a much larger picture.  Spiritual people should be seeking to give based on DIRECTION.

Certainly, Christians believe that the God of Heaven and Earth provides for His children.  Jesus taught: “Give and it will be given to you again, pressed down shaken together and running over, shall men give to your bosom.”   Giving is an intentional step that sets up a reciprocal action.  Maybe I am the recipient of that intention, and maybe I’m not.

I would prefer that you give to the man filling his Hummer’s gas tank, because you are God directed.

I would prefer that as you sit in a restaurant you add to the waitress’s tip, because you are God directed.

I would prefer that you walk up to friend or a foe with a fat envelope full of dollars, because you are God directed.


Because in each instance above you were intentional about finding God’s direction and chose to act: there is no higher manifestation of Spiritual liberty.

The man with the Hummer may not need the money but he does need the encouragement that the gift represents.

The waitress may be concerned about paying her bills and your extra will forestall her moving in with that jerk to avoid the financial pressure of living alone.

Giving to friend or foe may not be about them at all.  It might be about you having the spiritual wherewithal to be God-directed.  The location, the person, the need is irrelevant.

So, if you are directed to give to me (Donate button on Right)

But know this.  You give to ME. That means you might see me at a Texas Hold’em table, or traveling to a Swing Dance event, or paying off my college loans, or giving to the waitress, or the man with the Hummer, or the foe.  I’ll pay taxes on your gifts because, like I said, I’m not a ministry.


John Immel

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