Gospel According to John Immel

Chapter 1: 1

1) Proximity to truth has nothing to do with apprehension of truth.

Chapter  1: 10 – 12

10) My son considered my words: do not let them depart from your mind.  Consider the Religious Fanatic with eyes out of focus to see truths that only the Elect, the Enlightened, the Predestined can see.   If only you REAALLLLY understood his doctrines, you would never believe otherwise: critical review if his dogma is forbidden and the source of your self-deception.  He evangelizes you to join him in un-conscious bliss or suffer the wrath of cosmic powers.  11) Consider the Pot smoker: with every inhale he sucks his mind into a fog.   Consider the Alcoholic: with every drink he gulps down liquid oblivion.  Consider the Crack Smoker: every puff he bends reality into a surreal dream of sexual euphoria.  12) They all have one goal: to blunt the edges of reality. They all deliberately push their mind out of focus.  They all medicate against the rigor of consciousness.

Chapter 2:1

1)  Man abhors chaos like Nature abhors a vacuum.

Chapter 2: 6 & 7

6 ) When folly is advocated as a defense against the obvious, as a virtue that defies question, a shield against interrogation; 7) ask who the folly serves and you will understand its function.

Chapter 3: 1-3

All people act logically from their assumptions. 2 ) It does not matter how inconsistent the ideas or insane the rationale, they will act until the logic is fulfilled.3 ) Therefore, when you see masses of people taking the same destructive actions, find the assumptions and you will find the cause.