Freedom Thoughts

Think on this:

  1.  The Power of Shame never resolves Personal problems.  The Fruit of the Spirit is the Answer to all personal weakness.

 Think on this:

  1. Leaders feel no need to oppress, and dictate, and demand.
  2. Leaders don’t exploit intellectual naiveté, or manipulate people’s innate spiritual uncertainties. Leaders prepare their charges to handle the rigor of their lives, demonstrating the intellectual, social, and spiritual tools necessary to overcome every obstacle and challenge.
  3. Leaders look to duplicate their strengths weaning their charges from dependence to independence. (Teach you to fish… eat for a lifetime)
  4. Leaders can accept criticism of their course and methods without needing to crush dissent with demagoguery.


Think on this:

  1. May all know Joy and the root of Joy.
  2. May all know Peace and the root of Peace.
  3. May all know the end of suffering and connection to the greatest source of life: the Anointed Jesus.




  1. 1

    I raise my fist to this.  Preach.

  2. 2
    John Immel

    MCab…. thank you and welcome

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