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If you have a problem with links on this blog…

Email  The Tyrant will look into TECHNICAL issues.  Requests for dates and/or flame out emails get deleted unless pictures are attached.  >snicker<

Tell John Immel cool stuff by email:  He hasn’t decided what he will delete or respond to.

Known issues:

Amazon Recommendations do not show on Right Side bar.

  • Known reason:  the domain you are working on filters Amazon connections, possably by websense.
  • Known reason: IE 7 does not play well with some blog widgets.  Typically Firefox is able to see these links when IE cannot.


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  1. 6
    John Immel

    Boo freaking hoo . . . the SGM thugs are being unfairly treated.

    big eye roll.

    (Tood, High five!)

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