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Feb 08 2014

America, the Godless . . .

***  UPDATE  *** Marc Bennetts from the Washington Times contacted me to verify the quotes in his article. He provided the source quotes for his article so it confirms that Putin does believe America is Godless. See his full email at the end of this article. *** UPDATE ***       Thus is the …

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Jul 20 2013

Al Molher TD Jakes and the Onslaught of Tribal Collectivism

I don’t post other people’s material very often for a list of personal reasons, but on occasion I find an article that I wish I had written. The following is such an article by Alex Guggenheim. He has graciously allowed me to post it in its entirety. Alex runs a blog called Pedestrian Christian. I …

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Jul 20 2013

Truth About New Calvinism 2013 Conference Session 2C and 2D

Click Here for Youtube video 2C Click Here for Youtube video 2D   This session was broken down into four parts A and B and C and D.  It is an overview of the history of Philosophy or maybe said better, the history of human thought. The evolution of human thought and particularly the developments of Greek …

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Jan 31 2011

State of the Blog 2011

I don’t speak of my life beyond the web page much, but I am feeling particularly self-revelatory at the moment. So I’m going to offer a few lines of personal disclosure in my State of the Blog for this year. I confess 2010 has been a good year for me. When I am not writing …

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Oct 05 2009

More Revisiting the Fun

I’m going back through and recording core posts. This, of course, means that in my never-ending pursuit of perfect, I end up re-writing. Which I did with this post Lay Down Your Mind.  RE Read Here. Or Listen to my latest Pod Cast.   (MP3) Further Comments can be made on the original page.