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May 20 2012

Innocuous Choice and the Existential Atrocity

“John, I owe you an apology. You were exactly right,” said Bartholomew. To which I replied, “You are correct. You do. And I told you so.” While Bartholomew’s name is fiction, this snippet of conversation occurred in the fall of 2001 in a church parking lot. The broader subject was the institutional mistreatment of a …

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Apr 01 2012

Clamping Down: Pastoral Leadership for Manhood and Womanhood by Ken Sande

Here is the Hill-Jack translation.

“Woman! Now gets them thaar shoes off and make me some victuals! And while you’re at it, let’s get another baby baking in oven. I need my man parts pleasured! Don’t you now God meant for you to be a breeder!”

Here is the Neanderthal translation.

Wielding a club: Whack! “Uhg. Woman! Me Man! Me hunt Woolly Mammoth.

Me chain you here! You no feed yourself. We no divorce! Me love you much!”

Dec 11 2009

Will to Live … Fight to Die

This…is what makes a beautiful woman of 40, with kids and grandkids, question her will to live and make her fight to die.

Aug 22 2008

Made Free

A life of choice: both good and bad

Overcoming the chaos, by word, by will, and hand

IF the Son, therefore shall make you free

To choose what you will, whatever you will be

Aug 17 2008

Men and Dogs

Men shall live by faith; Lapdogs live by handout
Men make their own lives, prepare their own food, and accept the challenge of living. Dogs on the other hand, wait for someone to feed them, eat the same monotonous food from the same bowl, and beg scraps from his master’s table.
Jesus was a man, and he lived his life like he was a man.