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Thoughts on Soveriegn Grace Ministries, CJ Mahaney and other members of the Leadership Team

Mar 13 2013

Begging the Cool Crowd

Begging the cool crowd . . . to get rid of one of its own is like begging the class clown to be serious. I know this is old news. But in case you missed it, Brent Detwiler—former muckety-muck member of the “Apostolic Team,” pastor elite within Sovereign Grace Ministries, writer of WikiLeaks tattletale documents, and …

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Aug 27 2011

Pay No Attention to the Doctrine Behind the Curtain

 By John Immel (For those of you who don’t care about the specifics of the SGM phenomena, give me a minute. This is going somewhere.)  Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead. Wake up – sleepy head Rub your eyes, get out of …

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Jul 13 2011

CJ Mahaney’s Metaphysical Magic Mayhem

CJ Mahaney, El Primo Doctrinal Mover and Shaker of Sovereign Grace Ministries fame, recently released a letter stating that he is stepping away from being the Alpha Big Dog at the top of the “First Among Equals” governing egalitarian hierarchy. It is my current understanding that he wrote this letter to the leaders within his …

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Feb 27 2010

Family Member Tomczak Responds

We say morality and mean “Don’t cuss, smoke or chew or have sex with those who do.” We think it an extraordinary moral stand to put on our Puritan hats and boycott movies that mention testicles. We get agitated when someone is blunt, but conciliatory when tyrants advocate all manner of despotism. We can stab each other in the eye as long as we smile and heaven forefend the victim complain about ill treatment with any passion.

Apr 03 2009

To Reform or Not to Reform

It is the cry of many hearts in the blogosphere that SGM reform. Many of you hope that the leadership in that bunch takes a good long look in the mirror and says “Eureka!” or “John Calvin!” or “I could have had a V-8″ or whatever they are inclined to say when they discover a thought not found in Sin and Temptation.

This assumes they like mirrors, which in my cynical olderness, I’m inclined to think not so much. Or maybe better said, they do look in the mirror, mirror, on the wall, and it affirms that they are the Fairest Wretch of them all. They knew they were wretched; they saw what they expected so how can they be faulted for seeing their failings and therefore are utterly qualified to persist?

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