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Nov 08 2009

Moral Seduction

This is how modern History’s Hitlers joined forces with ancient Mystic Despots: they use morality as cudgel to drive the “depraved” masses into Collective Conformity. Collectivism, also known as Tribalism, also known as Sectarianism, also known as Socialism, also known as Communism, also known as the “Greater Good,” has always been the Holy of Holies in political, social, and religious, corruption, death, and destruction. No need to send in the High Priest to offer sacrifice because the people have been seduced into bloodletting themselves.

May 22 2009

Toga-Induced Christian Tribalism

The function of tribalism is nothing more than protection. When individuals realize they do not have the requisite strength fend off all interlopers against their person they look for ways to increase that power. The historic challenge was to know who was willing to share mutual best interest: value you and defend you. The easiest distinction is to gravitate to those who look like you do. Tribal-ism is effectively racism.

Mar 25 2009

Who’s Your Daddy?

Your Daddy has spoken. You have been told: respect yourself, don’t give yourself away, expect commitment, and be cautious with intimacy. When leaders come groping about your soul like they are entitled to your spiritual nudity. You tell ‘em: “My daddy told me not to get in the car with boys like that!”

Feb 22 2009

Keen Eye on the Funny Guy

So, I’m riding down the road with my sister the other day and she says: “I really wish they planted more flowers along the roads. That would be pretty.” My sister has cooties but she loves me anyway, so I said: “Nah…you don’t want that. That would really clog up traffic and crush the American …

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Nov 04 2008

Pass the Mint Jelly

A Shepherd and a three sheep walked into a bar

The Shepherd stands at the door and says: “All manner of temptation is in this den of inequity. Don’t drink the beer, you might get drunk.”
Sheep One says: “baahhhhh!”
Sheep Two says: “baahhhhh!”
Sheep Three got drunk.
The Shepherd said: “Stupid sheep! I shall discipline you! ” He then struck the sheep with his staff and the sheep died. “We shall flee the temptations of this world. Follow me to the promise land.”

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