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Oct 31 2014

Welcome to the Problem of Universals

Look around you. Take inventory of your environment. Every specific thing you see is called a particular. Particulars are singular objects. These particulars have qualities: length, width, height, texture, odor, color, and sound. So you see a blue couch and a blue hat. This is the only quality that these two particulars share. But since …

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Jan 13 2014

Discernment Blog

Recently someone called Spiritual Tyranny a “discernment blog.” This surprised me because my blog has nothing to do with “discernment,” and I thought this was self-evident. And then I realized it probably isn’t. I write about the tyranny and despotism within contemporary Christianity, and the current mad dash into Calvinism dominating the religious landscape. And …

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Nov 20 2010


Uncertainty Principle

I am hardly hiding, but have avoided being express in laying claim to some intellectual or spiritual pedigree for three reasons:

To let my critics twist in the wind.
To let interested parties come this historic conversation without having to wade through the preconceptions imbedded in those pedigrees.
To illustrate that I don’t give one good rip about being an intellectual pure blood vetted by the historic consensus and refuse to pay homage to dead men’s ideas.

Aug 18 2010

Private Virtue

The time is now, you men of private virtue, to emerge from your fortress of solitude, and demonstrate that you are worthy of the life that bears your name.

Jul 17 2010

Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor

What was the lie that man exchanged for truth?

The answer is: man must pay to appease the gods in their endless hostility or purchase grudging benevolence of a demonic benefactor. This was how man believed he fended off life’s pain and suffering. The ultimate sick joke of human existence is man bowing before an image chipped out of stone, believing that somehow it might provide a way to think about life

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