May 17 2011

Campy Camping Camper

OK … so, I just heard that the world is supposed to end in a few days.  I should be excited but, I must confess, I’m sad.  I have been so stoked about my plan to rule the world, my “zeal” and “Concern” have been driving me towards that expression of leadership.  I can’t believe that the plan will be thwarted before it ever has opportunity to come into beautiful reality.

I mean… Mystic Despotism is still running rampant through people’s lives, and the angelic utopian socialism and her evil twin Marxism is running amuck all over the globe. There was so much work to be done to eradicate the Kantian Altruistic Ethic and restore moral clarity to the minds of men. And Platonist/Augustinianism is metaphysically wrecking man.  On the bright side, TRUTH and freedom was getting closer as I played puppet master to important people.  But … sigh… It seems like it is not to be.

Harold Camping says the numbers cannot lie.  With Bible and calculator in hand, working that magic biblical numerological calculus, Camping and followers are sure that the differential equation comes out May 21st and then poof!  We are all gone.

Spirituality comes from a calculator!  Math is hard!  If only I had known! Mr. Stotlz, if I had only understood that your painfully boring, utterly snoozifying junior year algebra class would decide my fate!  Take me now cruel world!  My hopes have been dashed!



Oh, thanks for the Kleenex.

But I’m wondering.  Does that mean they are selling Family Radio for a song?  I’d like to offer my 3.75 cents to buy what should be worthless now.

Another man’s folly might be another man’s gain. Maybe the dream is not dead?

Someone get me Camping’s phone number … let’s see if his money is where is mouth is?


Follow up Post: http://spiritualtyranny.com/camping-lessons/

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    1. 6
      John I

      Here is what we have learned!


    2. 7

      john…i like your brain…and not in a zombie sort of way. keep writing and i’ll keep reading!

    3. 8
      John Immel

      Jeff … Zombies aside … i like my brain too.  Thanks for reading… And welcome

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