Feb 08 2014

America, the Godless . . .

***  UPDATE  ***

Marc Bennetts from the Washington Times contacted me to verify the quotes in his article.

He provided the source quotes for his article so it confirms that Putin does believe America is Godless.

See his full email at the end of this article.

*** UPDATE ***




Thus is the declaration of an article written by Marc Bennetts published by the Washington Times, January 28, 2014. Well, this sentiment is ostensibly attributed to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. After a brief preamble, the article says this:

“Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent keynote speech. “Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.

In his state of the nation address in mid-December, Mr. Putin also portrayed Russia as a staunch defender of “traditional values” against what he depicted as the morally bankrupt West. Social and religious conservatism, the former KGB officer insisted, is the only way to prevent the world from slipping into “chaotic darkness.”

As part of this defense of “Christian values,” Russia has adopted a law banning “homosexual propaganda” and another that makes it a criminal offense to “insult” the religious sensibilities of believers.

I will stop here since these paragraphs contain the essence of the article’s point: Russian leaders are condemning America’s slide into moral decadence.

So here is the drama behind this article. It has gone far and wide throughout the blogosphere being picked up by notable outlets like Brightbart.com, the American Thinker, and other conservative and Christian blogs that pay attention to current events. Nothing gets American Christians hot in the shorts like a good dose of moral condemnation against homosexuals and by extension, the evil, decadent America that lets homosexuals be seen in public. And like John Hagee sweating and frothing from the pulpit, the blogosphere comments poured forth hearty amens, declaring that America was Babylon ripe for God’s judgment. Surely Vladimir Putin is right. America is going to hell in a rainbow-colored Versace.

Faaabulous! (Jazz hands)

Ehem . . .

We will get back to this.

You will notice that I said that the sentiment is ostensibly attributed to President Putin. Here is the problem I have. I wanted to see the broader context for Putin’s comments, so I went looking for the “recent keynote” speech referenced in the article, and guess what?

I couldn’t find it.

I went to the official site of the President of Russia and read through the transcripts for the last two months thinking that qualified as “recent.” I searched the web. I had my assistant duplicate the search. I called the Washington Times to continue my fact-checking. My first call was to David Sands. He turned out to be the wrong desk, but he did tell me that Marc Bennetts, the writer, is stationed in Moscow. He transferred me to Matt Cella; I left a message. When he didn’t return my call and since I didn’t have his number, I called the foreign editor, Carleton Bryant, twice and left a voice mail. At the time of publishing this article, neither man has returned my call. In all fairness, I suspect that this has less to do with the article and more to do with the fact that I’m nobody. Right?

The lack of sourcing gave me pause about using the Washington Times article as a foundation, but my fact-checking led me to find the State of the Nation Address on December 12, 2013 where Putin “portrayed Russia as a defender of traditional values.” The Kremlin put out an English transcript that isn’t quite the same as the YouTube video, but it is close enough to confirm Putin’s appeal to defending “traditional values.” (Roughly minute 54) Also, it is a well-documented fact that Russia has passed a law against homosexual propaganda and pedophilia, a law that Putin endorses with wholehearted affirmation but holds out the caveat that there still remains no criminal penalty for homosexual action within Russia. Additionally, Putin’s commitment to the Russian Orthodox Church is, while politically understated, a well-known fact.

There are two other men of note quoted in the article—Patriarch Kirill and Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. And much like Putin, their quotes are not sourced. I wasn’t able to track down the specific comments, but I did however find enough subsequent information to confirm that Kirill and Chaplin have expressed ideas similar to those stated in the Washington Times article.

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    1. 6

      John, this is one of your best yet. Putin is just slapping a giant fish on the collective of which he is part of the oligarchy. But people are so excited about hearing the word “God” from a former communist they don’t see how alike Putin’s words are to Stalin’s.
      “Unfortunately, far too many people misunderstand the function of American Government. Its sole and delimited purpose is to defend the INDIVIDUAL in the pursuit of his life, his liberty, and his happiness. ”
      Bears repeating because most folks do not know this anymore. And most folks think it sounds “mean” and it means you want poor people or disabled people to starve.
      “The function of American Government is NOT to define, enforce, or protect mystical moral standards, which means it must not protect religion . . . any religion.”
      Some don’t realize the left has a “religion”, too, that includes “moral force”. Obamacare is part of that “moral force”.

    2. 7
      John Immel

      Thanks Lydia… I do appreciate that. Although I think my favorite is CJ Mahaney’s Metaphysical Magic Mayhem.

      And it does bear repeating and repeating and repeating. American citizens have catastrophically lost the specifics of our government system. When the government schools took over government curricula the government quit teaching civics because they knew that an ignorant people would not resist the tide of Federal tyranny coming out of Washington.

      It took a long time for me to understand how and why ethics is so important in philosophy because it took me a while to understand that ethics is where most people encounter a philosophical system.

      Most people could not care less about metaphysics and they are only marginally more interested in epistemology but man cannot escape asking the crucial question: HOW do I live life. The answer to this question is universally answered through a moral prism. And most people get their moral prism from their cultures prevailing philosophical system. In America that is Christianity (sort of). So for most Americans they accept the Christian “morality” and never grasp the broader philosophical picture.

      I’ve said this repeatedly but I will reiterate to make this point. The philosophical integration goes like this: Metaphysics determines Epistemology that shapes Ethics prescribes Politics. So when people accept ethics they are really accepting the metaphysics and the epistemology of that system and all three combined determine how a people will organize their government. Or said another way their ethics will determine how force will be applied.

      So you are exactly right Obamacare is the logical conclusion of the Marxist ethical system. The logical conclusion is for the government to use force in the name of “compassion”. But the practical outworking is that the young and healthy are enslaved to those who are not.

      Any ethical system that gives moral sanction to slavery is illegitimate.

    3. 8
      A Mom

      “So you are exactly right Obamacare is the logical conclusion of the Marxist ethical system. The logical conclusion is for the government to use force in the name of “compassion”. But the practical outworking is that the young and healthy are enslaved to those who are not.
      Any ethical system that gives moral sanction to slavery is illegitimate.”



      Veterans Bonus. Ohio pays big-time. Ohio spent over $100,000 in mktg & ads to get Veterans to take the money. I like Vets. Some of my immediate fam members are vets. But this is a shotgun approach. Anything will pass, with both repubs & dems, in the name of compassion.

      Any thoughts?

    4. 9
      John Immel

      Hey a Mom …
      I’m not exactly sure what you are asking but I’ll offer this: As a rule I am opposed to governments seizing private citizen’s assets in the name of redistribution. I think federal taxation is immoral and should have been disqualified as unconstitutional long before it became the tool of slavery it has become.

      However, one legitimate function of government is the organization and deployment of soldiers in defense of the country. Since I believe a draft, and uncompensated armed service to be fully immoral, (and all volunteer armies are far superior) it is the proper role of government to compensate soldiers for their commitment to defending American interests. And it is within the States preview to supply the financial compensation. (NOT the Federal Government) So I don’t see giving money to veterans as a handout in the same sense that say a mother with 10 kids living off the public dole is a handout. I would consider this a proper function of the state government to compensate soldiers who have by any measure earned any compensation the country chooses to give them.

    5. 10
      John Immel

      This post has been updated. The writer of the original Washington Times article contacted me with more information.

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