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A People of Freedom, a People of Serfdom

A Step Toward Spiritual Health

Arena of Ideas Where all the good things happen.

Assumptions, Presuppositions, Filters

Authentic Christian Faith

Borgification Fuel: Authentic Identity Where does your identity come from?

Borgification of the Church Resistance is Essential!

Bill Belichick and other lessons in sillyness CJ Mahaney doesn’t think foot ball Bill is humble.

Broom Pushing Theology Push a broom and eventually you will get to preach.

Camping Campy Camper  Annihilation draws nigh

Camping Lessons Math is Hard and Jesus didn’t come back

CJ Mahaney’s Metaphysical Magic Mayhem

Consciousness- The Human Choice ( MP3)

Cultic Tendencies? Are you serious?

Defining Insanity How do we know what we know?       (MP3)

Dear Christian Chicken LittleThe Hing of your Fears.

Divine CharadesHow we seek the will of God.

Dispassion to Avoid Distortion

Duck, Bar, Man, PastorDo you get it?

Ecclesiastical Establishments

EngageQ&A about the basics of Man’s existence.

Event of a Tyrannized lifeThe pain and humiliation of spiritual oppression.

Family Member Tomczak

Frauds, Papists, And European Religion The disaster of Protestant Papacy (MP3)

Free Bird Tells Her Story Freedom thought … 1

From Whence the Destroyers Cometh Look in the mirror when you see leaders bringing death.

God is Sovereign… sort of

Hide the Nails, the Community Organizers are Coming Jesus did a bad job…

Hunk of Burning Love Let’s Burn the Qur’an      (Mp3)

I’m Grumpy A joke or three

I will give you … Covering The Myth of Covering and Oversight.

Intellectual Humility Thoughts on the Nature of Being an Intellectual

Join in Theoretical Humility He’s sucking you in with Theoretical Humility.

Keen Eye on the Funny Guy The soil of moral relativism

Lay down Your Mind Guilty people disarm themselves.   (MP3)

Leadership Thoughts 1

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit

Like Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Karate Introduction to Hermeneutics and Exegetics.

Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor (MP3)

Listen Christians are miserable listeners.

Made Free Poetry.

Men and Dogs Jesus had to CHOOSE his course

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